new characterization tools

physical properties of the polymer/gas solutions such as interfacial tension, solubility, diffusivity and specific volume are important in foaming, as they affect final foam density and morphology. at the FoamLab we have developed a new apparatus to measure them, fully experimentally and concurrently (the coupled ADSA-sorption)

we are also looking at the reasons for the observed properties at the molecular level, to design both the polymer and the blowing agent mixture to optimize foaming (see probing molecular interaction)

we also have an in-line capillary extrusion rheometer and a high pressure DSC for rheological and thermal properties of polymer/gas solutions, respectively

new processing tools

we have several processing tools, which we enjoy machining and modifying to push them to their limits. Typically, that’s not enough and we always design our new processing tools, to go beyond

in order to stay focused on research, we prefer to work on batch processes, to better control tests and as a starting point to acces the materisl’s foaming map. in some cases (moslty, when industrial partners ask for) we scale up batch results to a lab scale foaming extrusion system