new characterization tools

coupled ADSA-sorption



simultaneous measure of 1) interfacial tension, 2) solubility, 3) diffusivity and 4) specific volume of polymer/gas solutions

In this experimental configuration, while the balance measures the weight change during sorption of the polymer placed in the cylindrical crucible, a high resolution digital camera acquires the profile of the pendant drop of the same polymer, at the same temperature and pressure


In this purely experimental approach, the direct and concurrent determination of all of the relevant properties of interest in foaming (solubility, diffusivity, interfacial tension and specific volume of polymer/gas solutions) is achieved without relying on any theoretical assumption or equation of state at any stage of the properties evaluation



Pastore Carbone et al. Polymer Testing 2011

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coupled ADSA-sorption-Raman spectroscopy

coupled3simultaneous measure of 1) interfacial tension, 2) solubility, 3) diffusivity and 4) specific volume 5) molecular interaction of polymer/gas solutions




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thermosetting polymer foams by physical blowing agents

Figure 1_2

an apparatus for studying the concurrent chemo-physical processes occurring during gas foaming of thermosetting polymers. In particular, to address the recent interest in combining the gas (physical) foaming with the classical (chemical) polyurethane foaming, a novel instrumented pressure vessel was designed for investigating: i) gas sorption under high pressure on the different reactants, kept separate; ii) synthesis under high gas pressure, upon mixing and iii) foaming
upon release of the pressure. The design of the new pressure vessel relies on two key features. From the processing side, we make use of a rubber impeller to keep the two reactants separate during gas sorption and to allow for an efficient mixing at the end of the sorption stage. From the analytic side, we utilized a sapphire window beneath the sample holder to use diffuse reflectance near-infrared spectroscopy to measure both the amount of sorbed gas and the reaction kinetics under gas pressure. Preliminary results are reported for the polyol-isocyanate/CO2 system.

Di Caprio et al. Polymer Testing 2017


Figure 2_2